India– A Super Exposure for Lithium-Ion Battery Industry


In India, the market for lithium-ion batteries is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.8% during the forecast period of 2019 – 2024. Rising penetration of electric vehicles, substantial investments in clean and renewable energy sources, and the recently launched Make in India campaign, New Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020, Smart city projects, and Green Energy Corridor for power generation from renewable sources are expected to boost the demand for Li-ion batteries both in residential and commercial segments in the country through the forecast period.


Global Standard

We are focused on clean innovations that are better for the planet and its people. The Company initiated to set up a state of art manufacturing unit to cater to the demands of both domestic & International markets of Lithium Battery Packs.

We have a Quality Assurance and Inspection System to control and assure all batteries that are of good quality and meet international standards with best performance and safety compliance. Rather than limit production capacity to our manufacturing centers, we are certified with quality and production systems ISO9001, ISO14000 & BSCI. Our Environmental and Safety standards are well controlled and complied with updated certifications such as EN, UL, RoHS, and CE. Our production and batteries are fully qualified for the high-end OEM industrial market.


Lithium-Ion Batteries

Highly Efficient

SuperMexx lithium-ion batteries offer super-low resistance (and 99% efficiency), allowing much faster charging, with minimal losses unlikely Lead-acid batteries which lose power quickly during discharge.

Ultra Long Life

SuperMexx lithium-ion battery’s cycle life is 3,000 times or more, further higher rates of discharge minimally affect cycle life. Lead-acid batteries deliver only 300-500 cycles, as higher levels of discharge greatly reduce cycle life.

More Hours of Power

Lithium-ion batteries provide 100% of their rated capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. Lead-acid batteries provide less usable energy with higher rates of discharge. They are usually limited to 70% of the rated capacity to prevent diminished life.

High on Life Low on Total Cost

With SuperMexx lithium-ion battery now you can enjoy 3 times more battery life in comparison to conventional lead-acid batteries.

Light on Weight: High on Power

SuperMexx Batteries are a quarter of the weight & size of traditional lead-acid batteries for the same capacity and provide almost 30% more energy than traditional flooded AGM or Gel lead-acid batteries.

Zero Fumes Max Charge

A conventional lead-acid battery may release hazardous acid fumes. SuperMexx lithium-ion batteries don’t produce acid fumes and can be charged anytime, anywhere.

Super Flexibility Better Design

With SuperMexx lithium-ion batteries now you can lay it down in any shape and size. There is no liquid electrolyte in the cells, whereas it’s exactly the opposite with lead-acid batteries.

Super Alternative

SuperMexx lithium-ion batteries are the best green alternative as they generate less waste than lead-acid batteries which are not rechargeable and generally thrown away.